One Medical Passport Implementation & Support

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Stacked with Experts

Our team has done this thousands of times.

We'll get to know your facility and workflow first. Then, we'll implement the solutions in a way that doesn't disrupt your daily operations.

Customers rate our implementation process 4.9/5 stars!

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Guidance the whole time - from humans!


Consultative Approach

Our team uses a high-touch and consultative approach, ensuring that you are comfortable and confident before we step away.

Simple yet Thorough

In-app guidance and Knowledge Base resources provide free, on-demand training, giving your staff a simple yet thorough transition.

Customization at No Cost

Solution customization is built in, preventing the need for costly development.

Personalized Support


Unlimited, Always

Our clinically focused support is always unlimited and always included at no cost to you.

Chat-Bots? Nope!

You'll never have to deal with automated responses or chat-bots. Our Support Team has successfully resolved 468,949+ support tickets!

Prompt responses

The Support Team actively responds to tickets from 6:30am EST to 11pm EST.
Tickets are responded to within 20 minutes, and provide a resolution within 48 hours.

Taking Care of Business

We've got your patients covered, too. Patient support requests are assigned to our staff, so you can get back to focusing on what matters - excellent care. 

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